Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Practice Quiz
Practice Quiz

Answer each question by clicking on the best response.

Only one attempt to answer each question will be allowed. Study each question carefully before choosing your answer.

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เลื่อนหน้าจอลงด้านล่างเริ่มทำแบบฝึก (Scroll down to start the exam.)

1. The design environment where you assemble your Web page elements and design your page is called ____.?

       Code view
       Split view
       Design view
       Programmer view

2. Opening and closing panels individually is a time-consuming task that can be shortened by using the ____ shortcut.?

       F2 key
       F4 key
       F6 key
       F8 key

3. To edit a site, click the site name and then click the ____ button.?

       Save changes

4. The default HTML font or BASEFONT is ____, which equates to 12 points in a word processing document.?


5. The ____ starts a new single line without inserting a blank line between lines of text.?

       line break
       carriage return
       line return
       insert blank command

6. ____ is a hand-coding environment for writing and editing code.?

       Design view
       HTML view
       Notepad view
       Code view

7. To use Dreamweaver efficiently, you must first ____.?

       publish to a remote site
       organize the web design
       define a local site
       manage the network server

8. The home page is ____.?

       named "index" in most cases
       the last step in establishing your Web site
       edited on the remote server
       Dreamweaver's default opening window

9. The ____ box allows you to make the selected text a hyperlink.?

       Web Target

10. Character codes for causing a browser to show special characters generally are called ____.?

       character entities
       special marks
       unique identification codes

11. ____ allows you to see both Code view and Design view for the same document.?

       Split view
       Arrange windows view
       Two-way view
       Nested view

12. The ____ allows you to create, view, open and move files.?

       Property inspector panel
       Web site editor
       Master panel
       Files panel

13. You can modify default properties, such as the Web page background through the ____ dialog box.?

       Web Document Properties
       Page Properties
       Page Design Properties
       Active Page Properties

14. In the Target pop-up menu box you specify the ____ in which the linked page should load.?

       frame or window
       cascading style sheet

15. HTML colors are expressed as ____.?

       binary values
       decimal values
       octal values
       hexadecimal values

16. Panel groups are sets of related panels docked together under ____.?

       cascading headings
       one heading
       multiple headings
       the Property inspector

17. A folder inside another folder is considered a ____.?

       nested folder
       collapsed folder
       hyperlinked folder

18. The ____ button reverses the last undo action.?


19. ____ contain text preceded by bullets (dots, other symbols or images).?

       Unordered lists
       Ordered lists
       Bulleted lists
       Definition lists

20. Dreamweaver has a(n) ____ feature that lets you make perfect color matches.?


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